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Reach & Influence New Buyers

as a Silverback Brand Ambassador

Vinebikes Unique Influence Reach Per Month

Tourist Experience

Guests in Saddle

Brand Awareness

Branded Clothing

Online Presence

Online Reach

Event Exibitions

Events & Festival Reach per Month

About Vinbikes

Vinebikes is a unique and innovative Tour Operator leading the market with e-Bike Tours.

Vinebikes is perfectly positioned to grow bicycle sales via product awareness as well as product experience through our popular tours – especially for Silverback e-Bikes.
(already our brand of choice!)

We believe e-Bikes are going to explode in popularity and we are striving to lead the way. 

We invite Silverback to lead with us!

Please find below what we offer.


Potential Buyers in the Saddle!

1 – Tourists – Each of our guests are in actual fact doing a Demo Ride on a Silverback Bike!

2 – Corporate Teambuilding – we have incorporated E-Bike tours and challenges into our corporate experiences.

Proposal: With the assistance of a Silverback Partnership we will be able to make our fleet a Silverback only fleet.

Riders per Month

Branded Adventure Guides

Each of our adventure guides is an influencer by himself.

Guests look up to guides as they lead them safely through their experience and perceive them as experts.

This positions the Vinebikes Guides perfectly to influence guests regards preferred bicycle brands.

Proposal: With a Silverback Partnership we will brand guides clothing with the Silverback Logo and train guides on the other Silverback products on offer.

Guests per month
Silverback Proposal
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 14.30.48

Online Presence!

In tourism we sell and Experience and at Vinebikes we understand this experience very well.

1 – The experience begins when the potential buyers starts dreaming and doing research about the tour they would like to embark on (Silverback Branded Website)
2 – Then it is the actual experience (Day Tours on Silverback Bikes)
3 – Then reflecting and sharing the experience (Social Media and Daily Videos included in Tours).

With Vinebikes we make sure we give a positive experience from start to finish and we would like to invite Silverback on this experience.

Proposal: With a Silverback Partnership we will incorporate Silverback strongly on our product website, in our free videos we give to guests as well as on our social media platforms.

Online Reach Per Month

Event & Festival Exhibitions

Part of our marketing plan is doing exhibitions at carefully selected outdoor events like Mountain Bike Races, Trail Runs and Festivals where we present our tours to a shared market – outdoor enthusiasts with spending power.

We invite Silverback to be part of these Exhibitions.

Proposal: With Silverback as a Partner we will include Silverback Branding, Silverback Bicycles and Silverback Demo Rides at these Events.

Guests per month
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-03 at 10.52.40

Proposal Summary

  • Vinebikes propose to deliver above mentioned measurable exposure
  • In return we ask Silverback to lend us 6 demo e-bikes for a period of 6 months (July 2019 – Dec 2019) and give us the 1st option to buy them after 6 months.
Vinebikes Unique Influence Reach Per Month



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