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E-Bike Tours & Rentals Stellenbosch Jonkershoek - Stellenbosch - South Africa


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E-Bike Tours and E-Bike Rentals Stellenbosch

Cycling an e-bike through the winelands is by far one of the best ways to experience Stellenbosch. You dont struggle with parking and wine farms are fairly close to each other so it is easy to cycle from one wine farm to the other – even more so on an e-bike! Stellenbosch also has a well maintained bicycle trail network that makes this a cycling friendly destination.

At Vinebikes we offer guided wine farm tours where the guide take you on a scenic route between wine farms. If you don’t need a guide you can rent a bicycle or an e-bike and follow the route to the wine farms with a free navigation app – you just nee a phone and data.


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