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E-Fatbike Beach Tour Tour de Weskus

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Tour de Weskus – Two day E-Bike Beach Tour

Duration: 2 days 
Includes: Guide, E-Fatbike, Free Video, 2 x Lunch, Shuttles to accommodation in Lambert’s Bay
Excludes: Accommodation, Dinner, Breakfast. 
Distances: Day 1 – Strandfontein – Lambert’s Bay :44 km / Day 2 – Lambert’s Bay – Elands Bay: 28 km 
Departure Point: Lambert’s Bay 
Price: R 3520 pp 

E-Bike Tour on the West Coast of South Africa

Join us a for unique West coast Experience as we cycle along the west coast of South Africa.

This tour is for cyclists as well as beginner cyclist alike and the perfect tour for a family or a group of friends. The great thing about the e-bikes is that it is the perfect equalizer! So a strong cyclist and a beginner can be on the same level by adjusting their level of assistance. For those beginners.. you will feel like Superman or Supergirl!

The route is friendly and extremely beautiful. With the e-bikes we get to explore those areas that are just too far to walk to and you really experience your surroundings on the e-bikes.

Tour de Weskus – E-BikeTour

Day 1

Strandfontein – Lambert’s Bay (44 km)

The West Coast  shows off it’s beauty and riders enjoy a variety of scenes and experience freedom of secluded beaches. 

The route is entirely on the beach and the fat tires combined with the pedal assist e-bikes makes it a very enjoyable experience. 

Day 2

Lambertsbaai – Elands Bay(28 km)

Elandsbaai is home of one of the best surfing waves in the country and we will cycle right past it. Most people never explore further than 3 or 4 km down the beach but during the tour we get to explore all the hidden gems in between towns.


Lambert’s Bay

With the town of Lambert’s Bay as our base for the tour there is a variety of accommodation to choose from. Let us know what your needs are and we will propose 3 venues. You only have to stay one night but you can extend the experience by booking 2 or 3 nights.

Lambert’s Bay also have some great restaurants with – real west coast style.

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