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Your In House

Bicycle Rental Solution

Wide Variety of

Bicycles and E-bikes for your Guests

No Headaches with 

Bicycle maintenance


What we do…

  • Vinebikes offer an all inclusive In House Bicycle and E-Bike Rental Solution.
  • Enjoy the advantage of offering in-house bicycle rental services to your guests without the headache of maintaining a bicycle fleet.
  • Bicycles are booked via easily integrated booking engine and delivered at your establishment as per booking.


Why we do it…

 >> Cycling and specific e-bike cycling is increasing in popularity and fast becoming a preferred way of experiencing a destination – Make your accommodation establishment more attractive to this market by offering an In House Bicycle Rental Solution as well as our unique Self Guided Tours to your guests.

>> Many guest houses are not geared for servicing bicycles – by becoming a Vinebikes Dropzone Partner we take care of bicycle services and you can focus on what you do best!

>> Building up a big fleet of mountain bikes, e-bikes and city bikes is expensive and not cost effective for a guest house – offer a wide variety of bicycles to your guests.



Our service to you

  • Daily delivery and collection of bicycles according to bookings.
  • Booking engine with real time availability on your website where your guests can book their bicycles
  • Marketing our Dropzone Partners on and
  • Bicycle Drop Zone in the form of:
    Bicycle Rack , Bicycle Hooks or Bicycle Pole


Our service to your guests

>> Bicycle and E-bike Rentals

>> Online Bicycle Booking Service

>> Routes departing from your establishment mapped on an app that can be followed.

>> Support during tours if needed.

>>Guided and Self Guided Options.


Make Vinebikes your

In House Bicycle Solution


Criteria for becoming a Vinebikes Dropzone Partner:

  • Offer a secure area where Vinebikes can set up a Dropzone
  • Integrate website with Vinebikes Booking Engine

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